Air France plane grounded at Amsterdam after terror threat on Twitter

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An Air France plane has been grounded after a terror threat was made on Twitter – just hours after the Paris attacks.

Flight AF1741 from Amsterdam to Paris was grounded after a social media user made an ominous threat of an attack similar to the Sinai air disaster.

That attack left 224 people dead – and like the terror attacks in France were carried out by Islamic State (ISIS).

The Air France plane was grounded at Schiphol Airport after a tweet was posted which said: “Forget #Russia? Wait for what will happen on flight AF1741 from #Amsterdam to #Paris..#ParisAttacks”.

Another tweet said: “Yesterday Paris and now @BrusselsAirport and @Schiphol will be attacked soon by our brothers. #ParisAttacks #isis”.

A police spokesman said that authorities searched the flight, which had been due to depart around 1345 GMT, for around an hour.

The flight was operated by Franco-Dutch airline Air FranceKLM.

The threat came as France was on high alert after a series of bombings and shootings which left at least 127 people dead.

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