British Soldier Defied The Odds And Killed Six ISIS Fighters Who Had Him Outnumbered

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A soldier has defied the odds and killed six ISIS militants after an ambush in Syria.

The unnamed British soldier was part of an eight-man team tasked with smuggling a secret agent over the boarder between Iraq and Syria.

The operation soon turned sour when 30 ISIS fighters ambushed the team. One of the SAS troops somehow managed to kill six of the fighters himself using just an automatic shotgun.

It was a classic SAS encounter. They had lost the initiative when the ambush was sprung. They were out-gunned and out-numbered but the team remained calm and focused. The last thing the jihadis expected was to be attacked, given that the SAS team consisted of eight men and there were at least 30 enemy fighters. The SAS quickly regained the initiative by using courage, aggression and firepower.A source told The Daily Star

Thankfully, after an intense exchange of fire, the SAS troops managed to retreat to their headquarters.

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