Burger King Is Going To Start Selling Alcohol In The UK

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If you like your burger with a beer, you’re in luck. Burger King has been given permission to sell alcohol in the UK. 

For now, it’s only the restaurant at Waterloo Station, but provided everything goes well, the fast food giant is hoping to get it’s other stores licensed as well. There’s just a few rules…


They’re only going to be able to sell beer, below 5%. It’ll have to be consumed on the premises, and can only be sold between 11am – 8pm.

Lambeth council also specified that Burger King would have to increase their staff training, get better CCTV, up their management supervision, and improve their record keeping.

All that for a few pints…


Burger King are upping their game in general. It was announced earlier this year that they’d be extending their delivery service to 42 restaurants, and this new resolution to sell alcohol is pretty forward thinking for a fast food joint – in this country, at least.

As a spokesperson revealed:

“It’s very successful everywhere else so we’re just catching up with the rest of the world really. It’ll probably be an American beer to fall in line with the brand.”