Check out these wacky designs for a new London Thames bridge

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Designing bridges used to be all about making something strong, durable and cost-effective…

But this is London in the 21st century and architects have really gone to town with their submitted briefs for the new Nine Elms to Pimlico bridge over the Thames in South London.

So the questions are now how crazy are Wandsworth Borough Council and how much are they willing to spend?

Practicality does not seems to have been the highest priority for some of these proposals.

This one looks like one of Windows Media Player’s visualisations.

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
Would this fit into its surroundings, one suspects not (Picture: Wandsworth Council)

If Ground Force’s Charlie Dimmock made bridges, here’s a water feature bridge

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
Niagara Falls + massive concrete spoon = genius? (Picture: Wandsworth Council)

Shall we call this the ‘glowstick bridge’ design?

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
Bright colours means happier people (Picture: Wandsworth Council)

Does your head hurt trying to understand where the looping paths go?

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
Why so many wiggles, why? (Picture: Wandsworth Council)

Is this someone’s signature made into bridge form? If so – who’s name is it?

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
(Picture: Wandsworth Council)

This looks just like Wembley Stadium’s arch, and we knew how cheap that was to build

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
Giving London the cheeky V, this one (Picture: Wandsworth Council)

A pedestrian bridge where you can’t see much of the river… a bit of a fail really

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
Will cyclists love the stairs, me thinks not (Picture: Wandsworth Council)

The separate circular cycle paths on the below design will make riding a bike in London a little bit more fun and slightly less deadly for pedestrians

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
One of the most straight forward ideas (Picture: Wandsworth Council)

Shall we call this design below the ‘velodrome bridge’.

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
(Picture: Wandsworth Council)

It does have seats and has no looping pedestrian walkways…two ticks.

We don’t want another Millennium Bridge wobbling problem, do we?

(Picture: Wandsworth Council)
Less is more with this one(Picture: Wandsworth Council)

The suspension wires for this design seem almost invisible, let’s hope they get fully tested if it wins the commission.

The idea below looks rather sensible with a classic design… but is it just a little bit boring?

Is this boring or is it just me?(Picture: Wandsworth Council)

Which one gets your vote?

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