Which Countries do British people most Like/Dislike?

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Okay so we gave you a clue with the picture,  Russia is now the country most disliked by British people.

A survey undertaken by Chatham House asked 2,000 people for their views on countries throughout the world, and noted how opinion has changed in the last two years.

While in 2012 North Korea was seen as the country most disliked by Britons, Russia has now overtaken the dictatorship, with 56 per cent of participants saying they feel especially unfavourable towards the country.

Israel also moved up a place to become the third most unfavourably viewed country by Brits.

Both changes are thought to be due to the conflicts Israel and Russia has participated in during the last few years.

Australia was the country British people were the most favourable towards, followed by Canada and the United States.

Ten most favourable countries

1. Australia

2. Canada

3. USA

4. Netherlands

5. Sweden

6. Norway

7. Ireland

8. Germany

9. Italy

10. Spain

Ten most unfavourable countries

1. Russia

2. North Korea

3. Israel

4. Iran

5. Pakistan

6. Ukraine

7. Nigeria

8. Saudi Arabia

9. Turkey

10. Argentina

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