Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris to finish their show

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Three months after the attacks that killed 89 people at their Bataclan gig, the Eagles of Death Metal returned to Paris to finish their show.

They headlined at the Olympia venue and invited survivors and families of those who died to watch them play.

A major police presence could be seen outside the venue to try and reassure those who were worried about security.

And inside the venue, medical staff were on hand to offer help and support for anyone that needed it.

It was for those who were worried about re-living the memory of what they witnessed in November.

The gig

Jesse Hughes, the singer of Eagles of Death Metal, holds a t-shirt saying: I really wannabe in Paris

When Jesse Hughes, the band’s lead singer, took to the stage there was an enormous roar of emotion from the crowd and you could feel the anxiety melting away.

After their first song the band asked the crowd to join them for a moment of silence to honour the victims at the Bataclan.

“Let’s take a moment to remember and then we get back to the fun,” said Jesse.

The band dedicated their song, Secret Plans, to Nick Alexander, who was among those killed.

The 35-year-old from Colchester was selling merchandise for the band on their tour.

“I love that man,” Jesse told the crowd, to huge cheers.

Sebastien Delahaye and Emilie Thoorens

Sebastien Delahaye and Emilie Thoorens were among those there last night.

The couple managed to escape the gunfire at the Bataclan but later found out two of their friends in the venue had died.

Emilie wasn’t sure at first whether she would be able to make the band’s return gig.

“I can barely go out in Paris since the attacks.

“Every time I go outside I feel anxious, even on the Metro I worry about another attack,” she told Newsbeat.

“I feel ready today though.

“I feel more confident.

“It will help me move on and it is for friends tonight who are not here.”

Sebastien admitted just simply being at the venue was stressful because of the memories but said he was determined to enjoy himself and head to the mosh pit.

I just want to try to keep on living, that’s why I’m here tonight.
Sebastien Delahaye

“That’s part of the healing,” he said.

“There’s no point in hiding.

“I just want to try to keep on living, that’s why I’m here tonight.”

Despite the memory of the Bataclan, Eagles of Death Metal were determined to play a normal set at the Olympia and laughed and joked with the crowd throughout.

When he returned to the stage for the encore, Jesse Hughes was carrying an electric guitar covered in the colours of the French flag.

He told the audience: “You have no idea how much I needed you tonight and you did not let me down.”

He then left the stage and ran up into the balcony area of the venue where he hugged some fans in the seated section.

Clara Dessuant

Clara Dessuant, 26, was there to support her friends who had witnessed the shootings at the Bataclan.

“It was noise and love exploding everywhere.

“It was just like letting go of everything and they finished that gig so well,” she said.

“Everyone needed to be there.

“It was the proper way of ending it.

“With music and love.”