Floyd Mayweather set to face Amir Khan on May 2nd in $100 million mega fight!

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The most anticipated match up in the world of boxing has been on the cards for a long time, Infact since it was announced that Khan was favourite to face Mayweather way back in october 2013, We waited, and waited and waited…

We thought Khan was certain to get announced as Floyds next opponent, It seemed to make sense given the fact Khan had all of a sudden pulled out of a fight against Devon Alexander. 2014 began and there was still no announcement, Rumours started to put Maidana’s name into the ring and before long a poll was put out by Mayweather… “Who Got next?” Khan or  Maidana…Khan won the poll, Maidana won the fight against Mayweather along with a rather dull rematch.

So whats changed?

Mayweather is in the minds of most 2/3 fights away from retiring. If its two then surely it will be Khan then Pacquiao. The words coming out of both camps is that this fight would make money, Lots and Lots of money, And  for Floyd that makes good business sense, If he’s fighting just twice more. He wants to make another $200 million and he will know only Khan and Pacquiao are the two names that will bring that in. Khan has a fan base bigger than anyone else in the division and he brings a style that will guarantee an entertaining fight.

The only reason Mayweather might want to avoid this fight will because hes worried about his ‘0’ currently 47 & 0. Khan is fast proving he has matured as a boxer and is putting that maturity to good use in the ring. Both his last two fights have been more one sided than any pundit predicted. He has managed to retain his attacking speed and accuracy and combine it with a defence that now looks fairly solid.

If Floyd is to fight Amir it has to be next, Khan will not fight in September (Mayweather’s other preferred month to fight) due to religious commitments. That would leave Pacquiao as the obvious choice then. Of course it could go to someone else but this is Floyd ‘MONEY’ Mayweather and in my opinion this is the way to live up to his name.


Written by Mark Newell (Ukomag.com)

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