High Court date that could decide whether parents can take kids out of school during term time nears

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Remember when we told you the story about Jon Platt and how he had sparked a huge debate after successfully appealing in court a fine issued by the council for taking his daughter to Disney during school term time?

Well hes due back in court on May 13th and this time it is to decide a critical piece of information that he successfully argued in his favour last time around.

On May 13th the case goes to court to decide what the definition of ‘regular attendance’ for the purpose of s444 of the Education Act 1996 actually means.

If the judge rules a set figure parents could legally take their children on holiday for the first time since the fines were introduced providing your child attends regularly enough throughout the rest of the year.

Lets hope for all the parents out there who like us agree with Jon Platt that the judge states something like a 90-95%+ attendance after accounting for any holidays is sufficiently high enough to ensure parents dont recieve a fine.

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