Jamie Vardys one year old daughter recieves sickening abuse on Twitter

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Although most of us love the story of Jamie Vardy coming up from non-league football, you just can’t please everyone.

Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when player’s family members are targeted by social media users, it’s gone too far.

After Leicester City’s 1-0 win over Southampton, Vardy’s fiancee Rebekah Nicholson posted a picture of their one-year-old daughter in a Leicester City shirt on Twitter.


But for some reason, his little girl was subject to some sick and vile abuse. The Leicester City forward print screened some of the disturbing comments and posted them to his 225,000 followers.

Please be warned that the below tweets are disturbing and sick.


What is wrong with some people? Let’s hope the people behind the accounts are found and punished accordingly.