Justin Bieber Fans Just Paid $2,000 To Meet A Cardboard Cut-out

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Sometimes you know it’s cruel to laugh at something, but you can’t help doing it anyway. This little tale right here is one of those times. 

Some fans had reportedly been forking out $2,000 to see Bieber in concert, but for the extra cost they also got to do a meet and greet with man himself after his gig. Justin decided to stop doing the meet and greets because he said that they make him sad and drained. That’s fair enough, the guy can do what he wants.

However, this meant that fans at his Vegas gig over the weekend were greeted with a cardboard cutout. If the fans were to get a refund on their VIP package, they would also have lost their ticket to see his show. A ticket which, for these people at least, is worth $2,000 and a photo with a cardboard cutout.

Whilst it is kind of funny, it’s pretty darn ridiculous too. Surely someone involved in all of this must see what a rip off it all is, and issue part refunds to the fans. They made a promise, they didn’t keep it.



It’s a good cardboard cutout at least.