Lunar Eclipse takes place tonight! When and where can you see it?

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The partial lunar eclipse will take place this evening, And will be visible from Europe, Africa, South and East Asia and Australia.

In London the penumbral eclipse will be visible at 9:50 pm, the partial eclipse will not be visible as it will happen below the horizon.

A partial lunar eclipse is when the earth moves between the Sun and Moon but they do not make a perfectly straight line.

A small part of the moon’s surface is covered by the central darkest part of the earth’s shadow called the umbra, the rest of the moon is covered by the earths outer shadow called the penumbra.

For a partial lunar eclipse to occur there must be a full moon, and the sun, earth and the moon must be aligned almost in a straight line.

The penumbral eclipse means that it is only the outer shadow of the earth that is covering the moon, so in the UK we will miss the main event of the central shadow of the earth covering the moon as it will be under the horizon.

However, we will see some eclipsing.

When the partial lunar eclipse happens worldwide.

August 7 2017 (Time GMT)

Penumbral Eclipse begins: 16:50:01

Partial Eclipse begins: 18:22:56

Maximum Eclipse: 19:20:29

Partial Eclipse ends: 20:18:09

Penumbral Eclipse ends: 21:50:56 (The only part that is visible from UK)