Man spends 26 years searching for Loch Ness monster. Doesn’t find it.

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At the tender age of 28, Steve Feltham knew that the ordinary working life wasn’t for him. Instead he felt the need to find a mythical creature lurking in Loch Ness.

He knew he was destined to be a full-time Loch Ness Monster Hunter. And that’s how he has spent the past 26 years of his life: living in a converted van, off the grid, close to Loch Ness. Always ready, in case the elusive Nessie decides to make an appearance.

Can think of worse places to live. Credit: Supplied

Now i understand the draw for a bit of fun, But 26 years on what is now widely considered to be a load of nonsense seems a bit extreme to us.

Steve makes small Nessie figures and sells them to fund his hunting. Credit: Supplied

When it comes to tracking and recording the beast, it seems like every couple of months there’s a new sighting which ends up hitting the headlines. In fact, there were seven just last year, according to figures from Loch Ness Sightings, and three already this year.

Steve believes there have been legitimate sightings of the monster. “I think one of the best ones, one that really can’t be explained away, is a photo Marcus Atkinson took back in 2011.”

Marcus is a skipper who spends his days on the loch. He was out one day when he spotted a weird, unidentified – but crucially living – object on the screen of his boat’s sonar system.

Steve said: “Markus knows the loch well. It couldn’t have been a fish, it was 75ft down and was almost 5ft wide.

Proof? What do you reckon? I’m not convinced. Credit: BNPS

“There are plenty of other images that can’t easily be explained, too.” Steve has also done his fair share of debunking, too. He’s previously called out a number of images as fakes, long before the photographer owned up.


So What happens to Steve if Nessie gets found tomorrow? What will he do with the rest of his life?

“Well, hopefully it will be me that solves the mystery,” he says. “And then I’ll be able to travel the world and try and solve a few more. Lots of countries have their own lake monster stories.”