Parents could be forced to pay more tax if they have children in school to plug funding crisis!

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Parents up and down the country are probably familiar with their children’s school conducting lotteries, fundraisers or even just asking for donations towards various activities.

Well the government are now so concerned that the funding crisis within UK schools may force them to add an additional tax to those working and have children attending.

Proposals suggest parents could be asked to stump up as much as £20 per term per child to help bring the funding back to the level governors are asking for.

The Government has yet to give any official statement but sources suggest that this is certainly one of a number of ways the government will be looking at in order to maintain a high quality education for the next generation.

So what do you think of the proposals? Would you be willing to pay an extra tax in order to see the level of teaching for your children remain at current standards or should the government seek to find funding elsewhere?