A Weather-Bomb, Severe Gales, Blizzards & More in a week of wild weather set to hit the UK

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The coming week looks set to be one of the most interesting of the Winter so far with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in!

The week will start off very blustery with heavy showers for some on the Western side of the British Isles, with Heavy snow for those in the Highlands of Scotland

By Tuesday the risk of Snow extends southwards, Initially this will extend the Snow risk to all of Scotland, Large parts of both Ireland & Northern Ireland & Northern England.

As Tuesday progresses there is a chance Wales will get their first real taste of Winter weather with strong winds and heavy snow as we enter late afternoon/early evening.

By around 6pm the Snow risk will cover much of central England before eventually clearing away to the southeast by around midnight.

‘Then its the turn of the Weather-Bomb!’

Wednesday is another blustery day of yet more snow showers in the west whilst the rest of us sit & wait for the storm to move in during Thursday.

 All this comes after winds of more than 110mph knocked out power to thousands of homes in Scotland and grounded transport networks.

Around 70,000 households were without electricity on Thursday night while railway operator ScotRail suspended all services.

Roads were closed and officials stopped traffic crossing Scotland’s Forth Road Bridge after a van overturned in 90mph winds.

The Met Office said winds hit 140mph across the Scottish Cairngorms with gusts of more than 110mph recorded at lower levels.

Gales of 113mph hit Stornoway with gusts measuring 110mph at Loch Glascarnochloch and almost 100mph at Altnaharra.

The strongest wind in England was at High Bradfield, in South Yorkshire, which saw a gust of 76 mph.

The violent weather is being driven by an unusually powerful jet stream dragging low pressure systems off the Atlantic at speeds of more than 250mph.

Unlike last week where it was Scotland in the firing line with wind speeds up to 140 mph It is the Southern tip of Ireland, Wales and central areas of England set to face the worst of the conditions this time around!



We will have further updates on this storm throughout the week so check back regularly.



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