15 former Labour MP’s urge voters not to back Labour!

Jeremy Corbyn is faced with an embarrassing situation on the final day of campaigning after 15 former MP’s from the Labour party are urging voters not to vote Labour.

The group have written an open letter to give their reasons and have cited Corbyns record on Anti-Semetism, Extremism and his views on National Security.

The group say they will run full page adverts across a number of local and regional newspapers in the north of England, including dozens of marginal constituencies.

The group includes several outspoken critics of Mr Corbyn, including Ian Austin, Gisela Stuart and Louise Ellman, as well as others who have not previously spoken out directly against him.

The advert reads: “Everyone wants a safer, fairer society. But in this election the Labour Party is set to deliver the opposite.

“We were all lifelong Labour voters and all former Labour MPs. We are voting for different parties at this election, but we have all come to the difficult decision not to vote Labour.”

Ian Austin, chairman of Mainstream, says this is a “hard decision for Labour supporters” but “the risk is just too great”.

The other signatories are Ann Coffey, Jim Dowd, Rob Flello, Mike Gapes, Tom Harris, Chris Leslie, Tom Levitt, Ivan Lewis, Michael McCann, Joan Ryan, Gavin Shuker and John Woodcock.

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