150K parents sign petition to have the right not to send kids back to school in June

The petition said….I’m calling on the UK Government to give parents and guardians the option of not sending their children back to school if they reopen in June – as Boris Johnson has suggested this could happen in England. As a mum I don’t want to face serious repercussions for making a choice I feel affects the safety of my daughter.

Many of us have lost confidence in the Government’s handling of this crisis and feel it is too early to return children to schools. It seems it could pose risks not only to children but also teachers and those they live with – grandparents, parents and those underlying health conditions.

So far there has been little assurance of what measures will be made to protect people and manage these risks. Even drop-off and collection could increase risk of transmission among parents. We need the Government to be transparent with us and put things in place before we can consider placing our trust in this decision.  

Parents should have a choice on whether or not they put their children in this scenario.

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