£1650 designer bag looks like disposable dog poo bags

Not many of us can afford £1650 for a bag, Even less of us would probably want to spend that much on one that looks like one for picking up after your furry friend.

Yet Italian designers at fashion house Bottega Veneta must have failed to see the uncanny resemblance leading to many being amused when the creation was unveiled.

People have been queuing up to joke about the bag, suggesting the black and shiny finish, coupled with the knot, is just too similar to ignore.

Andrea Smith, a 27-year-old from East London, was among the first to spot the resemblance. She told The Sun: “I was browsing online joking about the cost of designer bags – and nearly spat out my tea when I saw this one that was pricey and ridiculous.

“I am a dog owner myself so spend a lot of time down the dog park. When I saw the model with Bottega Veneta bag on her hand I laughed out loud.

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