255,000 sign petition to hold Met Police accountable for the ‘barbaric’ killing of two dogs

In a petition set up online 1000’s of angry dog lovers are demanding the Met Police are held responsible for what they describe as a barbaric killing of two dogs which took place on the 7th of May.

The petition which you can sign by clicking the link: Says…

In a statement, the Met Police claim the “aggressive behaviour of two dogs was of considerable concern and posed a significant threat to them”. And yet, concrete video evidence all over social media shows these dogs to be under control and on leads with their owner. Yes, these dogs are barking and reacting to the police, but any normal dog would do the same when being approached by multiple armed, vocal people in uniform, surrounding them in such a threatening manner.

They continue to claim in their statement that these dogs were “dangerously out of control” and, yet again, video evidence shows this not to be the case. The dogs even immediately calm down when their owner asks them to.

So why, then, is it acceptable for the police to not only taser their owner, but SHOOT AND KILL BOTH DOGS AT CLOSE RANGE?! One of which seemingly doesn’t die straight away, either, and is left to suffer on the canal path while shocked onlookers are left screaming.

And why, too, does one police officer, who has one of the dogs secure in a catch pole, then choose to release that dog and let it run back to its owner, only to be shot as it runs away?

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