27% believe Santa should be gender neutral!

GMB revealed the results of a poll and to the amazement of Piers Morgan 27% said that Santa should be gender neutral.

The debate was raised after one woman claimed she was shamed for referring to the big fella as ‘Father Christmas’.

Piers Morgan said:

I knew this day would come. The day that Santa Claus would have to go.”

Before following up with:

Who are these people? Literally 27% of these people no longer want Santa. Unbelievable!

Of course that’s not quite what the poll shows. People may still want Santa Claus but should he be ‘Father Christmas’?

“I knew this day would come,”

“The day that Father Christmas would have to go. It would have to be called Mother Christmas or gender-fluid Christmas.” 

Interrupting, Susanna remarked: “Hold on, only one in four said that! That doesn’t mean Father Christmas gets gone.” 

“But imagine these people, who are these people?” Piers exclaimed. 

“I don’t believe they exist,” Susanna commented but Piers hit back: “They do exist!” 

“Literally 27 percent of all those in the poll, no longer want – “ The former journalist continued but Susanna cut him off: “No, nobody wants to make Father Christmas gender-neutral.” 

“No they do!” Piers stated. “There is literally a poll!” He added before turning the piece of paper with the evidence on towards the camera. 

“I’m reading it out,