3.2 magnitude Earthquake hits Midlands!

A 3.2 magnitude earthquake hit the west midlands in England at 23.00pm tonight.

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The earthquake originated 2.8km south of Walsall, England at a depth of 3.0km.

People in Birmingham and other locations in the midlands reported a huge bang followed by their homes shaking.

One person wrote: ”wow, did anyone else house just shake?”

Another person wrote: ”Was that a earthquake in the Midlands? My house just shook!”

Not usually a hub of tectonic activity, the UK has in fact experienced a large earthquake in the last 100 years.

The biggest earthquake ever experienced in the UK occurred near the Dogger Bank, 60 miles off the Yorkshire coast in the North Sea, in 1931 measuring 6.1 on the richter scale.

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