A Panicked Labour Party to change strategy

The Labour Party is to change direction particularly in Leave voting areas as recent polls show the Conservatives are extending their lead.

Insiders speaking to BBC have said that in the first half of the election campaign, A key error was that the Liberal Democrat threat was overestimated, while the willingness of Leave voters to switch from Labour to the Conservatives was underestimated.

In the last two weeks of the campaign, this will change.

This new plan is expected to be a direct aim at Leave voters

The new plan to reshape their strategy will give a higher profile to shadow cabinet members who back a Leave deal rather than Remain.

There will also be a tour of Leave areas by the party chairman Ian Lavery, who ideally would rather leave the EU with a deal than remain.

The “honest broker” himself – Jeremy Corbyn – will be touring some Leave seats very soon too.

And more activists are set to be moved to Leave areas.

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