Airbus ‘sees Great potential to expand’ after Brexit

The chief executive of Airbus has said the future of its British wing plants is “secure” and there is “great potential to expand” post Brexit.

The aerospace giant had previously warned it could move wing-building out of the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The company’s attitude appears to have now changed perhaps due to new management and an acceptance that Brexit will now happen.

Brexit voters had always said this was just scaremongering from airbus and it now looks like they were right.

On Wednesday, Guillaume Faury said the fact MP’s had backed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal made things more “certain”.

Mr Faury said in his speech: “While global uncertainty won’t end with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, Brexit is, at least, now for certain.” 

Mr Faury added: “But the nature of the future relationship between the UK and EU is still to be determined.

“Airbus is committed to the UK and to working with the new government on an ambitious industrial strategy.

“We see great potential to improve and expand our operations in the UK this year.”

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