Aldi is selling pet stairs for £5.99 so your dog can cuddle up in bed with you

Aldi is selling pet stairs so your dog can get in bed with you.

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These pet stairs are a great way for your dog or cat to snuggle in bed with you and they’re just £5.99.

One shopper wrote online: “Aldi has reduced their pet stairs from £12.99 to £5.99, my dog struggles getting on my bed so these are ideal.”

The pet stairs are ‘sold out online’ but they’re still available in some stores.

Another customer said: We’ve had stairs for our dog ever since we got him at 8 weeks old, he loves them, still uses them to get on + off our bed + he will be 2 in May! Best purchase ever!’’

It seems they’re not just for dogs either as one shopper said: “These are great, my dog and cat both use them lol.”

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