Amanda Holden buys Simon Cowell stabilisers after e-bike crash

Amanda Holden has joked she has bought Simon Cowell stabilisers for his e-bike.

The comments from the ITV Britain’s Got Talent star came after an accident that saw him rushed to hospital, After Simon nearly died in a horrific electric bike smash earlier this week.

On her Heart radio show today, amanda said of Simon: “We spoke about the fact that Simon Cowell had another accident on his bike didn’t we… now he said he’s not going to get on bikes ever again, which I think is a smart thing to do.

“Not sure if I believe that…”

“Unless he gets a little tricycle with a bell, where he can ring and warn people,” Ashley Roberts said.

Amanda replied: “That’s true, although I did order, I’ve ordered him some stabilizers, I’m seeing him on Sunday, I’m going to give them to him. I’ll video it.”

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