Angela Rayner branded a f***ing liar by neighbour

Angela Rayner has been called a ‘f***ing liar’ by a former neighbour for insisting that she lived apart from her husband for the first five years of her marriage – enabling her to avoid paying a capital gains tax bill.

Labour’s Deputy Leader has been dubbed ‘two homes Rayner’ since The Mail on Sunday revealed that she was registered separately from her then husband Mark, with Ms Rayner stating that she remained living at a council house she had bought with a discount under the right-to-buy scheme.

The issue is significant because if Ms Rayner is not telling the truth about her arrangements she would be liable for a tax bill on the sale of the home

She could also potentially be the subject of criminal charges for declaring the wrong residence on the electoral roll.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt infuriated Ms Rayner by making reference to her living arrangements in his Budget on Wednesday when he announced tax changes for ‘multiple dwellings’.

Ms Rayner was listed on the electoral roll at her former council house at Vicarage Road, Stockport, for five years after she married Mark in 2010. He was listed a mile away at a house he bought in Lowndes Lane.

After neighbours told the MoS that Ms Rayner had been living with her husband and her three children at Lowndes Lane, she stated she and Mark had ‘maintained separate residences’ until 2015.

Yesterday, a resident of Lowndes Lane went on the record for the first time about Ms Rayner.

Sylvia Hampson, 83, recalled the Labour MP living there for ‘six or seven years’, and ‘full-time from about 2009 or 2010’.

She told The Times: ‘I saw her all the time, coming and going. Her mum would come and visit a lot. This was her home.

‘Angela lived here as a family with Mark and the three kids. Her son was partially blind so she used to have a blue badge in their car.

‘I remember, as she got a grant to do up the house because of her son. They had the kerb lowered so they could drive their car straight on to their driveway.’

The Times calculated Ms Rayner’s tax liability for the sale of her home at around £1,500.

When this newspaper asked Mrs Hampson yesterday why she had decided to go on the record about Ms Rayner, she said: ‘If she is saying she didn’t live there she is a f***ing liar.

‘She definitely lived at that house. She can’t say she didn’t live there. I would swear on the Bible to that.

‘They got married from that house. I remember the wedding cars coming to the house to collect Mark and his brother to take them to the church.’

She said Ms Rayner was still living there in 2014: ‘That was when I had my cataract operations. I had come home and her eldest son was in the back bedroom in the loft.

‘He was banging away like buggery on his drums that much that it drove me to tears. My son went round asking if he would lower the noise and he (Rayner’s son) said to him to f*** off.’

Ms Rayner said: ‘As with the majority of ordinary people who sell their homes, I was not liable for capital gains tax because it was my home and the only one I owned.’

A Labour spokesman said: ‘Angela Rayner has taken expert tax and legal advice which confirms that no capital gains tax was payable on the sale of her home.’

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