Anna Soubry demands ‘one nation’ Tories vote against Boris Johnson after Farage pact

Anna Soubry is calling for anti-Brexit Tories to vote against Boris Johnson in the upcoming general election, and throw their support behind the Remain Alliance instead.

The Change UK leader’s comments come as Nigel Farage announced on Monday that the Brexit Party will not field candidates in any of the seats currently held by the Conservative Party in next month’s general election.

Ms Soubry claimed “the Conservative Party just became the Brexit Party” and called for “moderate centrists” to vote for the ‘Remain Alliance’, a cross-party anti-Brexit group which launched last week. She wrote: “It’s official the #Conservative Party just became the #BrexitParty.  #OneNation Conservatives will now lend their votes to #RemainAlliance and other moderate centrists #VoteTactically #VoteSoubry”

At a hastily convened press conference today, the Brexit Party leader gave Mr Johnson a massive boost saying he would not target seats currently held by the Tories but instead vowing to “take the fight to Labour”.

He stressed Mr Johnson’s deal “did not get Brexit done” and would “give the EU the upper hand” – but said fielding 600 candidates would result in a hung Parliament and a second referendum.

He was, therefore, opting to target all seats currently held by Labour, as well as those held by the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Farage told supporters: “I have got no great love for the Conservative Party but I think this announcement today prevents a second referendum.”

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