Anonymous ‘hacks Russian TV to show footage from Ukraine front lines’

The well known Hacking group Anonymous has claimed it was able to hack into Russian TV stations and show footage from Ukraine to show the truth to the Russian people.

Pro-Kremlin Russian television stations have been criticised for repeating Vladimir Putin’s ‘propaganda’ that the invasion is a ‘special operation’ and Russia is not the aggressor despite numerous accounts showing the complete opposite.

Social media networks have also been restricted in the country during the conflict, preventing images of the suffering in Ukraine reaching people in Moscow and St Petersburg.

The clip claiming TV stations had been hacked by Anonymous was viewed nearly 10 million times in less than 24 hours.

It showed stations apparently broadcasting footage that went viral earlier in the week of a young father saying goodbye to his wife and daughter as they fled the country due to the fighting.

Images of bombs detonating and damaged residential buildings then flashed up on the screen.

It was not clear which television stations were affected or for how long.

Anonymous then sent a message to Putin which you can see in the video below.

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