Anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller says criticism she is facing is ‘Misogyny’

Anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller has said criticism she faced after launching her political party is ‘misogyny.’

The True and Fair Party was launched on Thursday, Ms Miller said it was time for change, hitting out at both the Tories and Labour.

She said on GB News today: “The misogyny towards me, if I was a man launching the party yesterday I doubt people would have been talking about my hair or what I was wearing.

“It was nothing about the speech whatever, the fact that we talked about real economic issues. I’m not under any illusion in this still feeble environment, such a shame for our country.

“We’ve still got to come together and think about this country. And that is my focus. I don’t expect it to be an easy ride. But I have to try. It’s my civic duty.”

Ms Miller, who tried to stop Brexit with legal cases, said there had been an “erosion of trust” in the political system.

She said: “It is time for a new approach to politics. I hope that many people around the country will want to join the True and Fair Party to bring real and meaningful change.”

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