Apprentice boss Lord Sugar urges Labour voters to back Boris and fire Jeremy Corbyn

Lord Sugar today urges Labour voters to fire Jeremy Corbyn for the sake of the nation.

He said “On Thursday, it’s time for voters to tell Corbyn to resign and get a sensible person to take the helm and make Labour great again.”

The business tycoon warned the party’s spending plans “would create economic chaos”.

He said: “ Jeremy Corbyn has turned Labour into a anti-business party that is clueless on how the economy works. His £1.2trillion spending splurge is complete madness.”

The Labour front bench is full of people who need to take their socks off to count to ten!

Corbyn getting into power would affect everyone, from the person earning minimum living wage up to the CEOs of Britain’s biggest companies.

He’ll clobber ordinary people, young and old, with sky-rocketing taxes: holiday tax, higher petrol tax, pensions tax or a tax for drivers. You name it, he wants to tax it.

For this reason I’ve concluded that I should focus on why a Conservative majority government can end the uncertainty that is threatening to paralyse our economy.

If the economy is in a good place, we all benefit. Businesses can invest, hire, export and grow, and the government can invest in people’s priorities like the NHS, police and schools and cut the cost of living for hard-working people.

Unemployment is now at its lowest since 1974, and over 300,000 more people are in work since 2010. Don’t let Labour ruin the progress made.

Business and families are crying out for economic ­certainty to plan for the years ahead with confidence. We just need to get Brexit over with.

That won’t happen in a hung parliament, or with Corbyn’s Labour in power.

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