Arctic blast to hit UK bringing snow & freezing conditions next week!

An arctic blast is expected to hit Britain for 72 hours next week as a brief cold snap sweeps across the country.

The wintry showers are most likely to fall across the higher ground of northern England, with the possibility of snow settling on lower levels in Scotland from around November 19 to November 21.

Arctic air from the north is expected to move southwards towards the end of next week and is expected to bring wintry weather to the UK.

Temperatures will drop to 3C – 0C overnight on Thursday- Saturday in northern areas.

“The greatest likelihood of snowfall will be over the hills in the north and west, especially in Scotland.

Some parts of northern England could also see a dusting of snow during Saturday night on the 21st November. Places like Sheffield, Leeds and Yorkshire. But it is still far too early to give an exact forecast!