Arctic outbreak to bring snowfall across the UK!

Many of us will be forgiven for thinking winter doesn’t exist, With 95% of the UK still to see the first snow flakes of the season.

However, Signs are there that conditions are about to change with deep areas of low pressure dragging in bitterly cold arctic air right across the country.

Model outputs have been increasingly showing signals of a cold and snowy outbreak towards the latter part of January and the early part of February with some models showing snow fall blanketing most parts of the UK. Some model forecasts are also showing significant winds leading to drifting of any snowfall and severe wind chill temperatures which will add to the hazards caused by snow and ice.

Of course the areas furthest North are at highest risk with the air coming from the North but should the predictions from the GFS and ECMWF be correct it may finally be time for all of us to dust off the sledge!

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