Baby drowns in Majorca swimming pool while his parents went for a nap

An 11-month-old baby has drowned in a pool in Majorca whilst his parents were having a nap.

The baby’s parents were reportedly taking a nap when his three-year-old brother decided to take him outside to play near the pool.

He is believed to have fallen into the pool at the family home on the Baleric Island and his brother immediately ran and woke up his parents.

The parents called the emergency services and while an ambulance was on its way, medics gave them instructions over the phone on what to do to keep their baby alive.

A specialised ambulance unit arrived at the house accompanied by local police officers and members of the Spanish Civil Guard.

The baby still had a pulse when the paramedics reached him during Sunday evening’s tragic accident.

But he was unresponsive and immediately rushed to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in the Son Espases hospital.

The local police and Civil Guard officers reportedly went in front of the ambulance to clear the road of traffic to help the vehicle arrive at its destination as quickly as possible. 

However, the infant’s condition worsened and he was declared dead in the hospital on Monday, 20th July.

It is unclear whether police are investigating the parents over the death of their son.

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