Bank Holiday to end with a BANG as Monster Thunderstorms are forecast to hit the UK

Enjoy the sun and hot weather while it lasts because the bank holiday is about to end with a Bang as Thunderstorms are forecast to hit the UK.

Temperatures rocketed to over 30C this weekend in southern England and many parts of the county saw the mercury rise to the mid-high 20s.

But that is all about to come to an end as huge amounts of energy in the atmosphere will erupt into torrential downpours with thunder and lightning.

From Tuesday things will begin to cool down with temperatures ranging from the mid-20s. Those in the Western parts of the county are most likely to see most of the thunderstorms with the possibility of just about anywhere getting a sudden downpour or rumble of thunder.

The storms could be intense and slow moving with multiple lighting strikes and even the possibility of large hail stones.

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