Barbara Windsor moved to care home amid her battle with dementia

Dame Barbara Windsor moved to a full-time residential care home two weeks ago amid her ongoing battle with dementia.

The 82-year-old EastEnders star’s husband Scott Mitchell revealed the news to The Sun on Friday, as he admitted he was ‘heartbroken’ by the move which took place following advice from her neurologist.

Speaking to the publication, Scott, 57, revealed: ‘I feel I’m on an emotional rollercoaster. I walk around, trying to keep busy, then burst in to tears. It feels like a bereavement.

‘It’s always been my biggest fear, that one day I would have to take her somewhere and she’d be thinking, “Why would he do this to me?” That fear has become a reality. It’s something I never wanted.’

He added that Barbara’s neurologist advised him to tell her she would be going away for a few days as her doctors changed her medication.

Saying he felt ‘awful’ when taking her to the care home as she ‘didn’t know’ what was happening, he added: ‘Walking out of the house that day was an incredibly tough thing to do because, the reality is, I doubt if Barbara will ever return.’

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