Bars, Restaurants & Cafe’s to remain closed under Boris’s plan to ease Lock Down!

Buzzfeed has revealed government plans earlier today which gives us a glimpse of how we will all return to work. The seven guidance documents drawn up by ministers will form the basis for the government’s proposals with further details to be given on Sunday when Boris unveils the full plan.

Despite the majority of working environments having plans to allow workers to return the section ‘Hotels and Restaurants’ appears to show there will be no return for Bars, Restaurants or Cafe’s.

The guidance documents state the following:

  • Bar areas must be closed
  • Seated restaurants and cafés must be closed
  • All food and drink outlets to serve takeaways only
  • Allowing access to as few people as possible into kitchens
  • Minimising interaction between kitchen workers and other workers
  • Putting teams into shifts to restrict the number of employees interacting
  • Spacing workstations 2m apart as much as possible
  • Minimising access to walk-in pantries, fridges and freezers, with likely only one person being able to access these areas at one point in time.
  • Minimising contact at “handover” points with other staff, such as when presenting food to serving staff and delivery drivers
  • Hand sanitiser for visitors
  • Avoid crowded reception areas, staggering check-in and check-out times
  • Carrying out contractor services at night
  • Considering room occupancy levels to maintain social distancing, especially in dormitories
  • Minimising contact between kitchen and food preparation workers and delivery drivers
  • Using front of house staff to serve customers in walk-in takeaways, with tills 2m away from the kitchen and ideally separated by a wall or partition.
  • Creating a physical barrier between front of house workers and customers
  • Using contactless card payments
  • Limiting access to premises for people waiting for takeaways. Asking customers to wait in their cars
  • Asking customers to order online, on apps or over the telephone
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