BBC make desperate plea to viewers with dire warning over scrapping licence fee

THE BBC has warned the Government that the UK will be “weakened” should it decide to scrap the licence fee, in a last ditch plea.

The BBC’s chairman is to warn that if the licence fee is axed, the corporation will be forced to slash TV, radio services and programmes for children

Sir David Clementi will say tonight that the broadcaster would be a hugely different organisation if the funding model is changed to a subscription scheme.

He will claim that local TV and radio services would face cuts and the number of children’s programmes would drop.

Sir David Clementi is set to say that “we need to remind ourselves what exactly is at stake” if the licence fee is scrapped.

”A subscription service would mean the BBC would no longer be ‘the place that brings the country together’ for iconic live events such as royal weddings, shows such as Strictly Come Dancing or Olympic successes.”

“No other brand resonates around the world like the BBC.

“No other national asset has the potential to serve Britain so powerfully – uniting us as one nation at home, and representing global Britain abroad.

“The BBC is a great national asset.

“A diminished BBC is a weakened United Kingdom.”