BBC presenters caught mocking Union Flag and portrait of the Queen

BBC presenters were under fire this morning after appearing to mock the display of the Union flag and Her Majesty the Queen in the office of Robert Jenrick following an interview.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Mr Jenrick had been discussing Britain’s successful vaccination rollout.

As the interview concluded, BBC presenter Charlie Stayt made a snide remark about the size of the Union flag behind the Conservative minister.

“I think your flag is not up to standard size government interview measurements,” quipped Stayt. “I think it’s just a little bit small. But that’s your department really!”

His co-presenter Naga Munchetty could be heard laughing in the background as Stayt continued: “Just a thought.”

As the camera panned back to the BBC studio, Munchetty began to comment on “the picture of the queen”, before Stayt interjected to elaborate on his flag remark.

“You’ll be aware, we’ve seen it every day,” said Stayt.

“Always a flag,” Munchetty added and he continued: “It’s a thing.”

The chairman of GB News, Andrew Neil took to Twitter to mock the BBC for forgetting what the B in BBC stands for…

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