BBC says ‘It’s amazing what we’re pulling off forcing people to pay licence fee’

BBC boss Tim Davie has reportedly said it’s “truly amazing that UK households are happy paying a forced licence fee.”

“It’s truly amazing what we’re pulling off” Davie said, according to the Telegraph.

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“That most households are pretty happy paying a licence being a forced payment. It’s amazing what we’re pulling off.”

His comments have caused outrage among the British public, with many people saying they will now cancel their license fee.

Mr Davie was speaking with staff on Tuesday when he said it was “glorious” that the BBC had “better budgets than some of the commercial operators” and did not “need to make a profit on everything”.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith said: “People don’t actually think the BBC gives them what they want.

“People are switching off. They are fed up getting spoon-fed this very central London, woke view of their country.”

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