The BBC is spending £90 million on call centres and staff to chase over-75s for TV licence fee!

An article by ‘The Telegraph’ suggests the BBC is to splash out the huge sum to chase up licence fee’s that will now be owed by those aged over 75.

Letters have begun going out to 4.5 million pensioners across the country, an administrative task that is expected to take at least two months.

In order to carry out the work 800 staff will be hired to take payment and deal with any queries. The initial set up cost is said to be £38 million aswell as an ongoing cost of £13 million per year thereafter. A total of £90 million over a 5 year period!

When the BBC was asked what would happen if over-75s did not pay for a new licence but were later found to be watching television, a BBC spokesman said: “When TV Licensing is informed a property does not need a licence, our records are immediately updated to reflect this and no further letters are sent for approximately two years.

“TV Licensing may visit the address to verify the situation. TV Licensing does its best not to trouble genuine non-viewers. TVL never presumes guilt, but people do sometimes say they do not need a licence when they do. TVL has a duty to enforce the law on behalf of those who pay.”

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