‘Big Power Switch Off’ to happen Tonight at 10PM to protest rising energy costs

Millions of Brits are planning to switch off their electricity for 10 minutes at 10:00pm tonight to protest rising energy costs.

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The Big Power Switch Off has been organised to take place this evening, with Brits asked to turn lights off and unplug their electrical appliances in protest at the unreasonably high energy prices.

“This short power off will cause an imbalance on the national grid, where consumption becomes lower than predicted and therefore the electrical supply is too great.

“To protect the grid, power stations will be temporarily disconnected or issued notices to attenuate their output.”

“Because the grid is publicly owned, but power supply is private, this effectively creates a 10 minute boycott of the privatised portions of our power supply, losing them up to an estimated £9 million in revenue.

“It is hoped that this will cause energy companies to revise their prices, as was the case in Spain.”

Spain organised a similar protest in March, which caused the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to institute a new package of economic measures.

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