Bob Geldof hailed a hero as he misgenders Sam Smith

Some Fans have criticised Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield for not stepping in after Bob Geldof repeatedly misgendered Sam Smith on Wednesday.

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Sam revealed they were non-binary in 2019 and asked people to use the pronouns they/them. Yet Bob repeatedly referred to Sam as ‘he’ on Wednesday’s episode of This Morning.

Bob said: ‘Sam Smith, I remember him at the microphone had his eyes closed, and he was singing away to the song, and I said “Sam, they’re not the words”. He goes, “oh yeah, sorry”.’

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Bob continued: ‘And he says “sorry”, so off he goes, he closes his eyes again and he starts singing the original words. I said “Sam”, and he goes “oh yes, sorry, every year in school I have to sing this song”.’

Bob went on to say: ”I don’t get all this pronoun nonsense. They/them/toaster/.

”Sam is Man so I will refer to him as he/him.”

Fans took to Twitter to unleash their frustration: One person wrote: ‘He’s on national TV. You’d think someone would brief him on Sam’s gender identity or at least correct him.”

Another wrote: ”Sorry but why didn’t Holly or Phillip tell Bob he was misgendering Sam Smith’; ‘Not Bob Geldof repeatedly misgendering Sam Smith on live telly and the evil Holly and Phil not correcting him.”

However some viewers hailed Bob Geldof a ‘Hero’ for calling Sam Smith what he is…A MAN!

One person wrote: ”Good to hear Bob Geldof calling Sam Smith a Man. People need to stop going along with this lunacy of they/them. We all need to stand up to this nonsense.”

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