Boris Johnson calls Jeremy Corbyn a Chicken and Labour’s economic policy S**t in his first PMQs

Boris Johnson blasted ‘dithering’ Jeremy Corbyn for plotting a ‘surrender’ to the EU today as the Labour leader prepares to block his demand for a snap election.

Taking his first PMQs, a furious Mr Johnson branded Mr Corbyn a ‘chlorinated chicken’ for refusing to agree to a poll on October 15 and said he ‘used to be a democrat’.

Channelling Margaret Thatcher’s famous taunt to opponents, Mr Johnson said: ‘Is he frit?’

At one point the premier also turned the air blue in the chamber by claiming the Opposition’s economic strategy was ‘sh** or bust’. 

Mr Johnson is facing more massive showdowns in Parliament today as a rebel alliance tries to force through legislation that would rule out No Deal – thwarting his ‘do or die’ vow to take the UK out of the EU by Halloween.

He has also called a vote tonight on holding a snap election so the ‘people can decide’ after Remainers seized control of Commons business. 

But the premier needs agreement from two-thirds of the House to trigger a national ballot.  

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