Boris Johnson calls Nicola Sturgeon the ‘bloody Wee Jimmy Krankie Women’

Boris Johnson branded Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon “that bloody Wee Jimmy Krankie woman” at tense climate summit talks, it has been claimed. 

The UN summit, known as COP26, has become mired in controversy after David Cameron and William Hague both refused to host it in Scotland in November.

And last week, ex-minister Claire O’Neill, previously president of the conference,  was sacked by the PM’s adviser Dominic Cummings.

Now, it has emerged that Ms Perry O’Neill suggested the Prime Minister offer Ms Sturgeon a formal role to stop her Scottish National Party from damaging the event.

However, it has been claimed the suggestion triggered a furious response from Mr Johnson, who allegedly said: ‘Over my f****** dead body. I’m not being driven out of Scotland by that bloody Wee Jimmy Krankie woman.’

The Krankies are a Scottish comedy duo who enjoyed success in the 1970s and 1980s.

Janette Tough, now 72, played the schoolboy Wee Jimmy Krankie while her husband husband Ian, also now 72, played the boy’s father.

A Number 10 spokesman denied the PM made the Jimmy Krankie comment.

However, another Downing Street source acknowledged Mr Johnson did express ‘strong views about the first minister’s official role’ – which included bad language.

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