Boris Johnson confirms UK Troops won’t fight Russia in Ukraine

Boris Johnson has rejected calls for British forces to actively join the fight in Ukraine, warning it would trigger a wider war with Russia.

Speaking at a military base in Estonia, Boris Johnson said: “I want to be crystal clear. We will not fight Russian forces in Ukraine.”

“Our reinforcements, like these reinforcements here in Tapa, are firmly within the borders of Nato members and that is profoundly the right thing to do.”

Mr Johnson has also insisted no Nato allies are contemplating Ukraine’s pleas to enforce a no-fly zone over the nation to prevent bombings from Russian planes.

Boris clarified that the UK is not actively supporting British nationals volunteering to help the defence of Ukraine, contradicting an earlier remark from Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

He said: “I think for any Nato member to get involved actively in conflict with Russia is a huge step which is not being contemplated by any member.

“This is a time when miscalculation and misunderstanding is all too possible and it’s therefore crucial that we get that message over.

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