Boris Johnson could call Snap Election to thwart bid to oust him

Boris Johnson could call a General Election to thwart remainer MPs bid to oust him, the PM could face a no confidence vote as soon as summer recess is over in 2 weeks time.

Brexiteer and former Tory leader, lain Duncan Smith told The Sun ” If a cofindence vote is called, an option for the Prime Minster is to call an Immediate vote for a General Election instead. If the Labour party refuse that would mean a total loss of face, we would win that election, as it would be fought on who governs Britain and Brexit.

This comes after Labour leader Jeremy delivered a speech in Corby, Northampton today where he vowed to do ”everything necessary” to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Meanwhile, an overwhelming 80% of leave voters said they were behind a No-Deal Brexit and Mr Corbyn not becoming PM.

This compared to just 64% of remain voters who were behind Mr Corbyn becoming PM and holding a Second Referendum.

If Boris Johnson gains support to call a Snap Election, it will be up-to the Prime Minster himself when it is called, Meaning Mr Johnson could schedule the election after Britain has left the European Union, sabotaging retainers plans of stoping Brexit.

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