Boris Johnson could use Privy Council to bypass Brexit extension and take Britain out on October 31

The Government might be able to Legally nullify the Surrender Act with an order from the Privy Council and take the UK out of the EU on October 31 without a deal.

Sir John Major who is a retainer said on Thursday night feared Boris Johnson’s government would try to bypass legislation reguring a Brexit extension by using an order of the Privy Council.

In a speech critical of the Government, the former prime minister said the move, which could be accomplished without the Queen’s consent, would be a ”piece of political chicanery that no one would forgive or forget”.

He said: ”My fear is that the Government will seek to bypass Statute Law by passing an Order of Council to suspend the Act until after October 31”, adding that such a move would be ”in flagrant defiance ” of Parliament and ”utterly disrespectful” to the Supreme Court.

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