Boris Johnson humiliates Lan Blackford ‘I don’t know who’s been eating more cake’

Boris Johnson has been accused of fat-shaming after making a joke about cake in response to a question from Ian Blackford.

Click here to watch the heated debate: https://www.lbc.co.uk/politics/boris-johnson-accused-fat-shaming-ian-blackford/

The SNP’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford launched an attack on the Prime Minister over Downing Street’s parties.

Mr Blackford said: ”Every moment that the Prime Minister lingers, every nick in this death by a thousand cuts, is sucking attention from the real issues facing the public – Tory cuts, Brexit, and the soaring cost of living have pushed millions of families into poverty.’’

“The impending national insurance tax hike hangs like a guillotine while they eat cake. How much longer will Tory MPs let this go on for? It is time to Show the Prime Minister the door.”

In response, Mr Johnson said through laughter: “Well, Mr Speaker, I don’t know who’s been eating more cake.”

A SNP spokesperson said: “Whether it’s his body shaming jokes or his wider misconduct in public office. Boris Johnson has proven, yet again, that he is completely unfit for office.’’

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