Boris Johnson orders fleet of warships worth £1.3bn to be Made in Britain

Boris Johnson has pledged to ‘bring shipbuilding home’ by announcing that five new Royal Navy Type 31 warships worth £1.3 billon will be made in Britain.

The announcement is part of a pledge to regenerate shipbuilding and to strengthen the Royal Navy.

The programme is expected to support more than 2,500 jobs across the UK, with different elements of the frigates being assembled and built at British shipyards.

At least 150 of these jobs will be for new technical apprenticeships. The ships will be built exclusively in the UK, the Government stressed.

Mr Johnson has appointed Defence Secretary Ben Wallace as his Shipbuilding Tsar, and the Department for International Trade will this week launch a new Maritime Trade and Investment Plan.

The Government has pledged to maintain a surface fleet of at least 19 frigates and destroyers and to expand this fleet in the 2030s.

Mr Johnson said: ‘The UK is an outward-looking island nation, and we need a shipbuilding industry and Royal Navy that reflect the importance of the seas to our security and prosperity.

‘This is an industry with a deep and visceral connection to so many parts of the UK and to the Union itself. My government will do all it can to develop this aspect of our heritage and the men and women who make up its workforce – from apprentices embarking on a long career, to those families who have worked in shipyards for generations.

‘I look forward to the restoration of British influence and excellence across the world’s oceans.

‘I am convinced that by working together we will see a renaissance in this industry which is so much part of our island story – so let’s bring shipbuilding home.’

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