Boris Johnson set to Sign Act to End Supremacy of EU law in days – as he prepares to free Britain from Brussels control

Boris Johnson has directed Stephen Barclay to sign the official order to end EU law’s supremacy in Britain, a move that Steve Baker described as ”absolutely totemic”, proving the Prime Minster is ” Committed to leaving on the fixed date of October 31 with no question of an extension. It’s the Do or Die pledge in black and white”.

Whilst MPs voted for the EU withdrawal act in 2018, which repealed the European Communities Act of 1972, legislation that made us members of the EEC, it required a ”commencement order” to come into force, which Barclay is expected to sign Immediately.

This shows Boris Johnson is totally serious in his Brexit pledge, since it does not involve MPs which means remain politicians in parliament cannot interfere with the process.

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