Boris Johnson threatens to walk away from Brexit trade talks and sets 5 week deadline!

Boris Johnson warns Brussels that he will walk away from trade talks in five weeks unless the EU rethinks its demands.

The Prime Minister says there is ‘no sense’ in allowing faltering trade talks to continue beyond October 15, when EU leaders are due to hold a major summit in Brussels.

Boris says there is ‘still an agreement to be had’ but says he ‘cannot and will not compromise on the fundamentals of what it means to be an independent country to get it’, such as the freedom for the UK to set its own laws and fish its own waters.

The development came as it emerged the UK is planning to tear up parts of the Withdrawal Agreement ministers signed with the EU in January.

Legislation due to be published this week would effectively wipe out commitments on customs checks between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland.

Mr Johnson insisted that a No Deal departure would still be a ‘good outcome’ from which the UK would ‘prosper mightily’ as it exploits its new freedoms outside the EU. 

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